Today is The Dawn of A New Age Part V: The End

What can I say: The cycle is over. Don't fret, I do have a new cycle planned.

Oh how I wish for your generation to understand innocence

I thought you were different, but instead you’re lost to the labeling

Perfect saleswoman you are, saying all I’d ever want to hear

I don’t hate you, I hate what you allow yourself to be

Lost to the majority for a few extra dollars

Another muse dead in the maelstrom

You don’t see what I did

You only see what you assumed

Are my words poison when all I said was to uplift you?

“You’re cool.  I’d like to get to know you more, maybe after work”

 It was as if I stabbed you in the heart

Obedience killed my flesh

Allowing me to see you for what you wish me to see

For who you really are

Uncomfortable, weak yet lovely


I should be shaking with rage

Yet I’m livid at your handler

You were offended that I found you interesting

Forgive me for seeing the greatness in you


I’m sorry

The tale that you inspired, hell, was the center of, will continue

I won’t let you dampen my flame


I will never find love with my own voice, but dear reader, with yours

Your voice, not hers, will immortalize me

For it is in your voice, my words exist beyond mine own

I love life, you dear reader for your match

You ignited my muse more with your comments then she ever could


K.M thank you for your kind words that helped me

And to the one whose future is bright, you and I seem to be poetic kindred spirits

It is both of you that kept me going, believe it or not.

The nightingale is still in its cage

But the Raven flies high

Dreaming of the stories he will tell


All that great heart, held together by others blood

No longer in silent suffering, it beats freely

A poem most to my heart

I didn’t expect this to end today in my revival


Still I write my poems about that dream of mine

Lost as it may be, I burn in the flames once more.

Forgiving those who harmed me

God help them


What is left for encores but the Raven’s cry

Heard in silence yet everyone wonders why

Sometimes the skies are black but we only see the grey

The grey takes us away to another day


Your fires were the ones to ignite mine

So you’ll be my muses forever

Young as you both are, you are so vibrant

Many say to me that I am younger then I look

Never in a good way of course, but they’re too old

I adore life, greatest creation of God

Your life, in the oceans of pain, I wish to elevate


Still I write my poems about that dream of mine

Where everyone knew and understood who I am

Where my love is understood to be for you and how you are


I wait thee, muse from thy dreams

In these heavenly flames I’ve been scorching in for years

I just want You to know

I don’t regret a thing


And so with my two muses, the future is bright indeed

And Today is and forever shall be known

As the Dawn of A New Age.           

The End

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