Today is The Dawn of A New Age Part IV - À Ange De Mes Révers

The French is translated in the parentheses. Figured I needed to use that dictionary.

The last time I wrote anything for someone I loved

She loved it but not me

Her words were sweet but for forever she became one of the lost ones.

That poem was the last of my soul that she could find


Life is forever expanding even if we cannot see it

For a soul cries out for us even in the darkness

Deep down I could show you landscapes

Enter my dreams


We will go down where the ocean sound drowns out the screams

I’ve let myself bleed to leave you my memories

We will go down to where the mermaids swim in their riverbed ghost towns

Let the ocean cascade around the wreckage

Building of a new ship, the Maybe Neverland


Lost little dog running across the landscape

Foolish child as I am, I follow my heart

And come across to meet whatever kills me


Saw your face in fire and flames ma Cherie

Je t'aime belle, manifique, mademoiselle. J'y crois encore,

J'y crois toujours en amour.

J'ai plus peur maintenant

(I love you beautiful magnificent woman

I still believe I can love

I’m not afraid anymore)


So I let the fear embrace me

My heart set free on the broken wings of a angel that doesn’t know

Ange de mes révers (Angel of my dreams)


Know that these words come from the heart

As a million others, still will

Symphonies for the sorrowful

And with the dawn of the new age comes the maestro to breathe life into the dying heart

C'étais ton feu qui m'a enflammé

C'est pourquoi tu seras toujours ma muse'

(Your fire was the one to ignite me

So you’ll be my muse forever)



The End

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