Today is The Dawn of A New Age Part III - The Promise

I don't think Dawn of a New Age is going to end anytime soon :3

Every time I least expect it

I see you from the corner of my eye

Miserable, yet in your beauty I am lost in your gaze once more

It’s amazing how a simple color can enhance your beauty, no matter what shade or style.

Dressed fancy, black lace covering the beautiful drawing on your shoulder

For a store based on labels and trends, you defy them

I wish to sit with you, and listen as you read me the whims of your heart.

Does love hold onto you, or crush you under overbearing weight?

I too fear the loving gun

Tattooing a signature on our hearts, that we must cover with beating blood

Our thoughts and words lost with the setting of the last person slept sun

It’s amazing how you bring out the color in your hair

Simplest changes keep me ensnared

Why would the enemy speak so loudly, cursing you, ma Cherie?

Is it because he fears you when your soul calls on fire from your dreams?

I see no reason to go back to where I was before

Especially when defined by a stigma, we become lost in silence.

Selling to us what you find beautiful

We become trapped without sensing belle morte

The time has come

We have to see that everything starts with thee

The time has come to put an end to our plight

So many people are full of rage

While others hide behind their pain

So many people enslave themselves

Before they find the freedom within their love


Can’t you see that the creators proclaim values they wish you had?

And destroy allies to gain new friends?

The mind of those they cannot comprehend becomes their embroiled enemy.

Don’t forget you created us

With your words that came so pointed at our throats!

Hiding so much behind what you look like

You forget who you are, and thus become what you fear.”


So instead of enshrining the past, I embrace my future, started with a death

Dearest Uncle no longer with us

It’s amazing, that the muse fired up with a glance at your eyes, ma amour

The time has come for the old to blend with the new

Embrace me or hate me I care no longer what you do.

For I am me because I allow you to be you.

There’s a liar within the mind

Telling you you’re worthless

Guilty by thoughts of higher standing

Drunken whispers

We listen too much


Suspicious silence breaks the will to advance

You’re so different from the others that when I see you I see my fate

Caught in your hurricane of emotion I toss and turn

Just hold your heart to hide the scars caused by another’s careless pain

Confuse me not for the thousands who made you a victim

Affect you not nightmarish visions

For your mind calls to me.

In my dreams oh so long ago

There was a castle by the sea

A nightingale called to me

To show me what I had to be

Washed in flame my sight proclaimed

A belle so frail and ashamed

Her lips cracked like cellophane

Scorpion stung my hand

Never was a sight so frail observed

 “Would you die for her?”

“Yes I’ll go through hell for her.”

I’ll go straight to hell to bring you with me

The belle of that dream inspired my life

And now the light whisks away the fog

Frightened away by the light you shone

Bright is the soul, you possess

And wide is the sea of your passion.

Amongst the stars you burn like fires raining down from Heaven’s gates

And to the adversaries that is exactly what they hate

Tonight, all the ones who despise you,

Last night sung of your glory

Don’t you see the story is written without you in mind?

Just their greed and lust to see what they believe is thine

You bring to life the insight

That they don’t need to exist

So why do we still believe that they predicted the path!

Within all reality we are swimming in the sea of fantasy

In older times, we cried out to the Heavens

Searching for where we came from

In every heart there are a million stars

Some sprung out far, others close at hand

Most unrealized


If you are reading this poem, dear Christabel, know that I don’t expect your love

I see it every time I look at you

I don’t know what my future holds with you, if anything

Yet these stories, trapped in verse, are my symphonies devoted to you.

Know this: You deserve the greatest pleasures that life has to give.

My Song of Solomon is being sung now

In these deathly funeral pyres others' words will ignite around you

I just want you to know

I will protect you even from my grave.

The End

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