Today is The Dawn of A New Age

It amazes me, to watch the busy streets

The walking people, lost like the walking dead

Broken down homes

Empty chairs empty tables

My destiny is unknown

Only by the work of angels

Shall I see the path I’m on

There’s an angel in the building

On top of a staircase I haven’t walked

And yet I have no rose but words to hurt or heal

To those who hate me, I become enraged

Yet if anyone would like a coffee, a shoulder to cry on, I’m here, though they likely barely know me or possibly despise me.

I’m confusing like that, I guess

But to those with their heart, crying still in silent suffering

My dreams are with you

My heart is beating for you

The greatest gift we were given was the ability to

Design Our Own Universe and build it higher

Ever dream of the pyramids, tall mighty buildings of power?

It never occurred to me until recently, how much power we have in our fingers

To build and destroy

And so today I hope we build the mausoleum

For today is the dawn of a new age.

An oath fulfilled shall come

The hearts broken shall meld anew

For a higher purpose is among us

There’s an angel in the lobby

One judged by its style for far too long

And in my dreams of discovery, there is shown a lost great beating heart lying still

In these dreams, I see her, standing alone on a busy street

Its midnight, and the light reflects on her hair back to the black skies

Therein is a soul of life unlike any other

A fire burning from deep within

Two candles burn brightly in those soft eyes

Six flames light each other in a crescendo to keep her spirit high

Seven are alight showing her passion for life

And yet, she lights none for herself to see for herself what is inside

Like looking at a swarm of fireflies no one notices the beauty of people at first glance, unless they are looking for it

Seek and you shall find, a promise fulfilled by the heavens

It amazes me to think, that we find ourselves wandering aimlessly

In thousands of ways until we fulfill what we think we need to

Often for the wrong people at the right time

We don’t need the encouragement of our fathers and mothers

We don’t need the insults from barely known friends and neighbors

We need each other, the primal essence of life, and love, which created us

A covering will never hide the broken hearts

And only the weak are not lonely at some point in time

Your broken heart, dear reader, makes you beautiful

So in my dream, I see her, him, you, me

The primal force of humanity with a broken heart on unstable wings

Know that your heart is in the right place when someone makes you their muse

Know that someone, somewhere, has, you just may not know it

Look no further than what others show

If they show anger, their heart is in anger

If they show love, their heart is loving

There is nothing that I, could ever hide from anyone who didn’t deserve to hear it

You don’t, dear reader

Anyone who hides their face for the sake of anonymity is not one to fear

For fear of the unknown is why we hide our own.

To help others, to love one another

To love the ones who can show love back to us

Pray for those who hate us while ignoring their taunts

And love the one, who loves us most, loyally

Society has defined what the controllers think we do,

How the masses think we act

So they dictate what we can say and when we can say it.

I don’t fit into that society

You shouldn’t either

There’s one thing the world never tells you

Your beauty lies in your differences with me”

Reason not with the mind but the heart

Follow the path on the road less taken

Bring yourself closer, to how YOU see your ultimate self

There’s no striving for it

You’re already there, and only one may be able to see it

That ultimate self, that purest beauty

Only unlocked by the key of words spoken or seen

You’re dreaming awake but not alone

Bring your heart to peace

Your mind to serenity

And open your Universe to that one star

That star that has noticed your beauty

If you are reading this poem, you are a muse to a unknown author somewhere in time

And he, no doubt, has noticed your beauty

Time has no beginning or end

And thus, today, and every day is the dawn of a new age.

The End

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