Today Is A Perfect Day...

This a poems I wrote literally minutes after starting this description. It is the middle of summer and the skies are grey, it rained and I'm still wondering if this global warming of the world is screwing over.

On the brighter side, I have decided to create a cute little poem about a snowy day.

Today is a perfect day to hold you in my arms
Under the old wooden rafters of a moss covered roof
That looks upon a grayscale sky

Today is a perfect day to tell you everything
My fear and concerns, my happiness and love
While icicles drizzle off the gutters

Today is a perfect day to lay between warm sheets
Under colourful blankets, hiding from the storm
And watching snowflakes fall down into the snow

Today is a perfect day to write you a poem
while frost creeps from the corners of glass
And although its chilling outside, you are the warmth in my heart

The End

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