Today I Saw An Angel

I think I saw an angel today,

It was a lot sooner than some day--

I thought that it would fly away,

But instead on the clouds, it decided to stay.


The marvels of the white wings,

Were of feathers and things

That made me wish that I could one day be,

Something so pure that it would amaze even me.


I saw the beauty of love in white,

Its heart showed me no spite,

The blue of their eyes shone bright,

And in their sight I saw my light.


The warmth brought me all the joy,

That I had been longing for, so coy--

Like a curious little child,

I always wanted my future to be wild--

Not full of failures, but to succeed,

To always, my passion keep busied.


The Angel caught me by surprise,

Not enough to cause my demise--

But sufficient to bring up my eyes,

Oh what purity awaits for me,

In the the eyes of the angel I see.

The End

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