Today I Flunked a History Test

I wrote this sometime ago in 7th grade. I am a strait A student, so getting a bad grade on a test is always a big deal for me. Looking back, I'm proud of the way I handled it. :)

Today I flucked a history test

I didn't cry

I deserved it

Because I didn't study (much)

I am not mad

I AM upset

With myself

At myself

By myself

I am alone

Or am I?

Is there someone out there

Who feels what I am feeling?

I hope they will be okay

Because this feeling

It isn't good

I have let myself down

My standards shattered

I will be okay though

I will take the make up test

And study hard for it

I will get a better grade

And life will go on

Thank you GOD for being with me

Through it all I know you have a bigger plan

And this faulty will bring good into something.

The End

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