You know those days when words don't want to be put to paper/Word document? Yeah I've been having a week of that.

She runs a hand through her hair
Wondering where her words have gone
as the keys on her keyboard remain untouched
a blank document stares back at her
emanating smugness
as she fails to think of something
of anything
that will get her out of here.
She goes for a walk,
tries to clear her head.
Twice she goes downstairs for coffee
necessary conversation with the people she lives with -
mostly nods and grunts
a drudgerous climb back up the stairs.
she writes two sentences
which are then swiftly deleted.
she sighs.
she has nothing.

what are ideas and where do they come from?
she wonders.
are they granted with experience alone
or can one get by with immersion
in works created by others
the Greats – usually men, as irony would have it -
like Wilde and Shakespeare
but where does greatness come from?
she wonders.
Can you wake up one morning
and say “I will be great today”?
or are we just great.
or not great.
black and white – the divide is clear.
She rests her forehead on the keyboard


That’s better than anything she has so far.

With a sigh, she closes Word and walks away.
Today isn’t a writing kind of day.

The End

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