What is today?

Is it here? right now? this moment?

To say, one moment is the day,

To Forget the rest, and to remember only the best,

Is a day to detest,

A day is made with every moment,

Do not forget,

For you are doomed to regret,

Because all the moments that make today,

Make today a memory,

They say,

A day with nothing to remember is a day not lived,

So, be sure to live,

The day you are unable to, you will desire to most,

It will be the one in which, you remember it all,


Awakening to the beauty of a new dawn,

with retiring to the sun solemnly dipping into the ocean,

To revealing that star sketch hanging from heaven,

I could only imagine,

For one last time, was given to your sights again to be drawn,

Today is over, Tomorrow is not to be,

Closing your eyes was left to me.


The End

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