The EndMature

This year has been an exploratory one

As I learn who I am and what must be done

She did not hold the key to my reality

In fact, she was toxicity

I fell in love with an illusion although I knew full well the reality

I believed wholeheartedly that she, the paragon of twisted virtue could show me immortality

She though was lost in her vanity and loved herself a little too deeply

I still loved her entirely

I will no longer let your darkness take hold

So I can remain alive for the journey of the world

Even though the winds of change may bruise and burden me

My fear of life grew faster with you than without you

It's leaving you that revived me, and how I act now

That will bring my life joy forever after.

I see all those empty words, and I love yous you didnt give me

The empty promises and storied regrets you cherished

I too wish to believe the lie of happy endings

But for everything I give, may I still be deserving

The End

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