May I Still Be DeservingMature

When you asked me about myself I was amazed

For I could not tell from where it came

And I remember thinking when you told me of the pressures of life and the court of owls

Your passion destroys their attempted shame

My thoughts flood my dreamscape and I long to see

What will ease your mind and set you free.

This bitter doubt in my mind

This ghost of hope, I fear is a refrain

A crescendo of my guilt comes crashing down again

And then I escape with you, and happiness floods me once more

Even though the winds of change may bruise and burden you

And our fear of life naturally grows ever faster

It's not the way we reacted then, but the way we act now

That determines our lives here and now, ever after.

I see all those empty words, and I love yous

The empty promises and storied regrets

I too wish to believe the lie of happy endings

But for everything I give, may I still be deserving.

The End

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