She Is ImmortalityMature

A new series of poems, to someone special.

She holds the key to my reality

And for that reason, she is immortality

A paragon of twisted virtue upon stained grace

Amongst the righteous she scoffs at their morality

Still, even through shame, there is a certain reality inside her heart

It will beat and pulse in syncopated rhythm amongst the stars

And inflame my blackened one

The music of my soul sings between her smile

And I am lost within her sea of passion, consumed by her love of life

Of beauty and all the cracks within

And everything is laid bare

Every move she makes causes my mind to wander in wonder

If she could ever corrupt me to love her?

The path to fate is tumultuous but worth Hell for sure

I've never believed in my dreams, but she creates within me a desire to be.

Before the skies fall

Show me what I'm meant to be

For seven years I dreamed of death

And dreaded what came next

My eyes shut on a warm summer day

As the reaper began to take sway

I wrote a beautiful symphony for so many people I never believed

But the future stares back at me

I do not know where it leads

But I no longer let the darkness take hold

For you keep me from being dead to the world.

The End

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