To you, unfazed lover.

How can you keep so composed?


When she’s falling apart

with your face

in the room.


How can you stand so tall?

So proud—

When her knees quake

beneath her


head bowed


You remain resolute

not accepting

your blame

while every night

she weeps out

in anguish

—your name


You revel… oblivious

to the pain

which you’ve caused

alone in the

dark wood

of her brooding




to herself

to the world

to the arms reaching out

they’re all menacing, see

she has reason to doubt

a soul ever lived

whom she could trust

because, You Sir, taught her

that the world is unjust


in the days that have passed

in her chamber, forlorn

she’s remembered the times

when her heart, it was torn

yet she grasped onto threads

of hope, though they quivered

slipping out of her hands

as her happiness withered


in that time, you were absent

in your love, she believed

even as you grew distant

you had her deceived

mentally taking your leave

your sweetheart, naïve

would never conceive

that one day…

she would grieve


it had been a farce…


you left her in shambles

you avoid her, sad face

whenever, by you, she ambles


How love had been short

How love had been bleak

How her shattered dreams left her

So injured and weak


never be tender

never be kind

never trust smiles

lest you be blind


those mouths—They will lie

those eyes—will be strange

don’t give yourself to him

or walk into His cage


Conceited, he’ll boast

Of the girls he’s possessed

So never let your-

self be a conquest


Don’t offer it to him

What’s in your soft breast


For, one day, he will leave you

Abandoned… depressed

And he’ll be the one

Whom you most detest


So, next time…

Keep your heart in your chest


The End

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