To You, To You Alone

Through a complication a couple is torn apart, she locked in a prison. Wondering if she will ever see her love again, eventually she starts dying because she has no reason to live. But through yet another complication, the couple is re-united, with the promise to never be torn apart again.


Hands entwined, beating hearts silenced.
In your arms I feel complete, gazing into your eyes I am whole.
Wiping the tears from my eyes, as your own drip to my cheeks.
I shudder, foreboding looming heavily upon my heart.
Run away with me, please come away with me.
They may tear us away, but my love will never cease.
Never doubt my faithfulness to you, to you alone.
Whispering back this oath, my heart is stilled.

Coming, they are coming.
There is no place to hide, burying my head in your shoulder.
You kiss my forehead, a burning sensation spreads through my  body from your lips.
Crashing through, who do they think they are?
To tear us away, to tear me away from you.
I cling to you, screams of terror caught in my throat.
How can I go on without you, what worth is life without you?
My last glimpse, your last words, our promise stands.

They have locked me away, love.
I live only for the hope to see your face yet again.
They know not of our secret.
Never will they know, never will they take me away from you.
I hold you in my arms, my fingers brushing over your cheeks once again.
Escaping into our world once again, the safe world I know.
Only to wake up to this eternal prison.
Rescue me, won’t you rescue me my eternal love?

 I can’t live without you, I need you to breath.
The room is collapsing onto my chest, my lungs gasp for air.
None will come to my aid, none show pity.
Soul-sick with longing, my heart yearns for your security.
Refusing nourishment, refusing comfort, I only want you.
I only want us.
Sicker I become, sicker I will become.
Until I cease to exist, as I have ceased to exist without you.

Forever together, wrapped in your arms.
You couldn’t live without me either?
My heart leaps, I shouldn’t be surprised.
Life was worth more than my death I suppose.
The consquences pale in comparision to you by my side.
You kiss me again, my chest thaws.
No more panic, no more pain.
Never will I leave your side, never will you leave mine.

The End

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