To You

Just a poem about how I feel about my love.

To you: 

The distance between us is excruciating

I wish there was a way to bring you close

However I know the hardship is almost done

Soon I'll be in your arms.

Everyone can see that you make me happy

I'm constantly getting comments about how much more I smile

Yet all you do is be yourself

Which is truly the best.

I'd like to say that it was love at first sight

But you don't believe in that

My thoughts are, "How can it not be?"

We saw each other once and have been together ever since.

Every night I want to fall asleep beside you

And I know that my wish will come true

Though it's hard sometimes knowing that there's nothing I can do

Until that fateful day.

I don't tell people our future plans

Because they are skeptical

I know that we will be happy

Even if nobody agrees it'll work.

The day that I become your wife is the day my life starts

I can't wait for the day when we can travel the mountaintops, hand in hand

Knowing that we were right all along

Love is the only answer that I have.

Waiting for these days to come along is hard

And both of us want it to go faster

But I know that when the day comes

Our waiting would have been worth it.

The End

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