To Write Love On Her Arms

I wrote this as a dedication to To Write Love On Her organisation with an amazing purpose and vision <3 In this ive used things from their "vision" section on their website.Its kind of like a summary to what they're about and if you don't know about them,then check them out :D

Rescue is possible

You are not alone.

And even though it seems that way...

There isn't far to go.

Love is the movement,

A way to change the world.

One heart at a time,

A vision that is mine.

Know and be known.

Change is possible...

So change your heart and change your mind,

About those secrets that you hide.

The world is broken.

You're surrounded by darkness.

And drowned by the pain.

But love is the light...

A sunrise to the perfect day.

Love and be loved.

Freedom is possible...

So free your heart and free your mind,

Put down the razor

Don't live to die.

To Write Love On Her Arms

Finding life

Finding freedom

Finding love...

Sometimes its the only way.

The End

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