To Whom

my inner child's unheard voice

Dear, come take a stroll with me and listen
As I tell you a story from one of many chapters of
My so called life 
It all began when the laws of the streets became a part of me
And it doesn’t matter how far I run the pain of these cold
And lonely streets are never far behind 
And its funny to think that you now think that
You can just open your arms once again and
Have me just fall into them and save me
From all your beautiful spoken lies of how you’ll always
Love me 
Did you really believe that I could be fooled again? 
Did you honestly believe that just because you say it?
That this makes all the darkness of unwanted memories
That I keep locked away just disappear 
Please don’t make me laugh and think again 
For there was a time when I did believe in all your words
Believed that they were true when everything made sense
When it came to me and you 
But that was another life time ago
Now I see the real you
So you can stop pretending that you even do care
Care of how I’m drowning inside a sea of unseen tears
That my heart is baring 
When I look back and remember of how naïve I was to believe
That you’d always be there 
For I stand before I want to make it perfectly clear
That the only words that I’ll ever believe from you 
Are the ones you don’t say
The only thing I want from you is for you to be honest with me
For once if that’s even possible and tell me why 
When I truly loved you
Why did you take my love, my trust to a place I’d never
Hope to find
Can you answer that huh? 
That’s okay
Cause it doesn’t matter anymore
For those painful scars that you’ve created inside my heart 
And soul are slowly healing
And this may not mean anything to you 
But to me its everything 
Since now when I look at you I don’t see the person
That I did once upon a time ago that I hopelessly truly loved
I only see someone that will never again have the power to 
Hurt me 
For this day forward there’s nothing that you can say 
Nor do that can hurt me
Cause form this day and beyond
I’ll always see you for what you truly are 
Copyrights © belong to jack 2006   

The End

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