Its birth is submerged in shadows,

But its survival is simple;


Providing the sustenance for it to grow.


At first it is your saviour,

It is safe, it is always there,

A friend,

It takes all your sadness away.


But it doesn't stop.

It feeds on you,

It loves your hate and releases it,

But it grabs your love, your lust,

Your trust.


You'll never be able to trust anyone ever again.

And why should you?

When you're caught up in lies,

Your throat is tied,

Oh, how you despise-

-But you can't say those things.


I love you really, please don't ever go.

You hate it. You want it gone.

But it's taken everything,

You'd rather have an enemy than no one at all.


You don't have a choice,

It'll never leave you.

Screaming those thoughts and giving those orders,

In that terrible voice.


If only you could share your secret,

If only you could believe it,

But your lips won't move and your body won't shift,

So you fade away, until you don't exist.

The End

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