The Unmentionable

I know.

I am not expecting you to embrace me,

I am not expecting you to be there,

I just want your acceptance,

I want you to care.


This life has brought us challenges,

But I know you are strong,

Please tell me that you love me,

Please tell me I belong.


I can't wait another second,

I have to spill my soul,

I don't want to lose this battle,

But I'm going to lose control.


My words are laced with nerves,

As I see your judging eyes,

Please don't run away from me,

When I take off my disguise.


I am not what you wanted,

Your dreams won't be fulfilled,

But please don't hate me,

For the life I want to build.


I am trying to be happy,

That's all I can say,

Because if I don't do this,

I won't live another day.

The End

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