To Travel Back

One third of this poem is my own work. I joint forces with two other friends to compile this moving piece.

If I could travel back in time,

I would visit all the places I miss

I would visit all the people I want to see

Let them know how I felt before they had the chance to walk out of my life.

Those moments which didn't last long enough I would stretch out

And I would speed up the moments which never seemed to pass

Make the most of the sun before the vain set in.

I would guide myself into the right direction,

I would pop that bubble when it all went wrong,

I would have cried before the pain set in.

I would have promised to have no regrets.

If given half a chance I would dodge, redirect, avoid.


Travel back,

Stay well clear.

I'd stop myself before I started.

Put my hands on my shoulders

and hold myself back.

Shake myself, wake myself.

Just stop.


Count to ten, suck it in.

Smile, grimace, grin

I couldn't see it,

But life was worthwile

The End

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