We're all proud of you.

                                                               When I think of those people
                                                               Who died in the midst of war,
                                              To give the rest of my country freedom,
                                                                           Their country freedom,
                                                                             When I think of them.
                                                           I never feel sorry that they died.
                                                                 They wanted a free country.
                                                  They knew they would probably die.
                                                   They knew that it would be worth it.
                            When I think of those who died for our freedom,
                                                                  I'm always proud, not sad.
                          Their goal was to provide us with independence.
                                                                          They accomplished it.
                                                                      They reached their goal.
                                                     And once they reached their goal,
                                           They knew that they had accomplished
                                                                     What they were born for.
                                                               They had no regret in dying.

When I think about those who died giving my country,
Their country,
I never feel sad.
I don't regret their loss.
I never think their sacrifice wasn't worth it.
Because, to them,
A free country for their family and friends
Was better than life.
They tried to reach their goal.
They reached it.
And I'm proud.
And I'm sure that,
Even though they miss them,
Their families are proud.
And from heaven,
They are smiling down on the country they died for.

                                                      To those who died for our freedom,
                                                                                      I just want to say,
                                                                                 We just want to say,
                                                                                   That we're grateful.
                                                                            And we're proud of you.

The End

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