To fight forever more......

Planes are flying overhead
While many slumber in their bed

A siren pierces the night
While bombs leave in mid-flight

Fire envelops the ground
While debris ends in many smouldering mounds

Just as sudden as it starts,
It ends and the planes,
Do they part

Freedom is what we are fighting for
For what price?
As we watch our comrades fall

The innocent try to hide
Do they survive?
Yet our country celebrates in pride

We use poppies to honour
Could it been avoided?
This makes one ponder

We wear the flower
To honour those who were brave and never did they cower

But as we watch out loved ones fall
Our hearts feel that painful pull

Must this be the price?
It really right?

Will our land ever know peace?
Or shall the planes never cease?

To fight forever more?

Shall war be the humans core?

The End

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