The Children of Flanders Field

The most
silent tears of children
Are caused by the loudest
of social movements.
A child does not
Have to be a
Baby or a
A child is any
Man, woman or
Loved one that means
The world to someone, a
Child is someone's life that
In wars is taken away.
When a man held
A weapon to kill,
When a man
Wrote poetry to
Remind the world that
They are not clones fighting,
But indeed children, they were
All someone's child. Victorious
Victory breaks the heart of every
Mother, whether their child survives
Or not. Someone's child was lost during
The years of a fragile war. To those who died
Young for this country, we cry a tear for you, for
Those who came back alive and well, we say a
Prayer for you; In Flanders Field, the poppies do grow
But so do the memories, of all the young man
Fighting the glorious war that invited a
Mother's child. We thank you for a
Free country, for giving your soul
Away for us. We give you a
Moment of silence for
Your selflessness
In keeping us
You are,
You will be,
You will always be
The ones who died young
Who shed silent tears for freedom.
The children of Flanders Field
Where the Poppies

The End

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