For those who poured their life down bullet holes and got death in return.

Those who gave up everything they had,

Even if they didn't have anything.

Those who worked hard to get something just to give it.

And got in return absolutely nothing,

But the burning pain of a bullet.


Those who made their lives more than a living hell,

To make our's as close to heaven as they could.

To those who poured their blood down trenches,

Simply because they thought they should,

And did it proudly.


Those who threw away their lives,

Just to make our lives worth living.

Those who broke the laws for our good,

And accepted the punishment without giving

Them the satisfaction of seeing them break.


To those who fought in war,

For the sake of saving us,

We want to salute you,

Let you know we're thankful and thus,

We celebrate this remembrance day.


The End

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