Failing rain

Here, looking from where they stand now,

they wonder if it was all worth it;

the fighting, the killing,the blood shed.

Heart ache;

looking through hollow eyes

leading to shallow souls;

walking corpses. 


Boys go to war to become men

and return only half of what they were.

Fighting for the sake of starving families

,a dying loved one or simply the hope for better days.

Lured by the so called "pride of the army".

Saying with a smile

"it's only gonna be a couple years then

 think about the better life we'll have".


 -Son,  the army's no place for smiles.


Journeying to where the devil lives locally

little did they know  that death lives there too

while divinity inhabits in a distance.

Define divine, God the almighty 

now they know the true God is undefined

a mystery left refined


They fought for what they thought was right

it's ironic how death opens one's eyes

They said God bless america

with there final breaths.

He said God bless my homeland

(Where ever it may be)

in the final hour of death

He remembers what he fought for

that blurred image of a boy playing with a toy plane

woosh,dip,dive then ascend

destined to follow the footsteps of those before 


Looking down

his face so close yet out of reach

"so stupid !"

why must  history repeat itself

if i could swear in this place I would

Son instead i'll shed my angel tears

tears that melt with falling rain.

Failing rain,

tears that fall in vain".


The End

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