To those who died for our freedom

this is a collaberative thingy-magigy where i thought everyone interested in poetry, or just wanting to give it a go could write a rememberance day poem. It doesnt matter if you are absolutely rubbish or studying shakespere at uni, just give it a go. It can be short or long, whatever, as long as it has something to do with rememberance day. I just thought it would be a great way to show our respect to those who died to keep our contries free. (im english, so mine is focoused around england, but

To the soldiers who fought deep in the trenches, and

to those who battled our enemies on the front lines of war.

We shall forever be bound in the debt that we owe you


To the heroes who fought to keep their children free, and

to the veterans who laid down their lives for queen and country.

We owe such love and respect  for your bravery and sacrafices


To those who believed good would triumph, and

to the leaders who lead us to make lives better for others.

Our gratitude leaves us at your mercy


To those who had to live on, after losing so much, and

to those whom they lost to the fate of warfare.

we are nothing when compared to you, and the infitity of that which you deserve


To the soldiers out there now, fighting for justice, and

to those who have lost anyone to such battles.

We feel ony a fraction of your pain, and for your patriotism you are the heroes of our country


To those who have fought to keep england free, and

to those who keep on fighting

The memory of you will live on for ever,

we promise.

The End

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