To The Wolves

It's all about being messed about by someone simply because they know how you feel about them

My malice turns tender under the gaze of your eyes

My heart spills out, My will and steel are tied

I absorbed the pain and found myself weaker for you

I tried to even the score, but I found myself paralysed 


In your mind I'm foolish, incapable, unworthy

In the darkness of obsession you turned from me

Even if I'm nothing more than a pawn on the board

You were never the rose among thorns


Another wolf to bite at the flesh

Muscles twitch in agony, unrelenting

The tears shed and the blood is fresh

You turn to him, falsely repenting


All I am to you is a passing thought

All I am is another window and door

All I am is another body in the grave

Another fool who refuses to be saved


Turn the lights off, unveil dark luminescence 

This pain, it's killing me tonight

It's much darker than adolescence 

It's the aggression of an oppressed evil

It's an ancient wound, septic, poisoned

It's all over for me now, I could never save myself


Another morning to regret

My skin pale now, my eyes are red

I could talk to you and forget my place

Because I'm soon eclipsed by this feeling of death 


The End

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