To the victoms of fake friends

Are you strong enough to stand your ground,

When you're put down and pushed around?

Do you know who you are deep down?

Because I don't think you do........

Just to have "friends," you pretend to be one of them,

And choose to drop and lose the real you.

Now you're so caught up in being the "bud," the "buddy," the "bro,"

You don't even know,

The hate, the heartache, you'll feel further down this road.

When you awake,

You find what you thought was real to be fake,

You find yourself naked and alone.

Your "friends" fed on your soul and left your bones.

You fool!!

You knew these friends weren't true,

But they made you think you were "cool," and this is what you get,

This is it.

Everything you give they just chew up and spit,

And give nothing back to you.

You gave yourself up for an artificial fame,

To later find out it was all for their own gain.

These so-called "friends" turned out to be predators in the end.

And it's on people like you (once like me too) they feed.

The weak.

So weak with insecurities,

A simple breeze of acceptance drops you to your knees.

But you still refuse to see,

You're too proud to accept the fact,

That you were no more than prey for your "friends" to attack.

Trust me, I've been there too,

And I carry the proof.

I'll turn around and show you my back.

Set aside your pride,

Try to see beyond my flesh with your eyes.

See the emotional scars?

I've had many of your kinda "friends" come and go in my life.

Try to understand,

These "friends" are monsters running around with knives in their hands.

Even if you are put down and pushed around,

Hold your inner self and stand your ground.

You'll find your strength to be more respected,

Then anything you've ever done to be accepted.

If you want TRUE friends, and to be rid of the fakes,

Remember to always be ONLY you, and keep your backbone in place.

The End

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