To the Four Winds

He's bleeding out watered-down blood
From his battered old heart,
Not knowing, not thinking, not caring,

That the moment he stepped outside
Into the angry wind,
His thoughts were cracked, broken, shattered
Into a million pieces.

But where's the peace?

He stays inside, curled up
Crouching away from the world,
A world which wants to devour him,
Take his thoughts and conceal him,
To his own place - back alone again.

But he was never alone before;
His mind had kept him company,
The thoughts, the memories, the dreams
Were the only things stopping him scream,

But then his cruel world we've come to love
Took them from him.
It stole them and threw them,
To the four winds.

And so he went after them, as any sane person would
He ran, sprinted, flew
In search for the truth
Through fields and through cities
From forests rich with colour, soft soil and sunlight
Asking bees, asking trees
He ran into cities, street diners and schools
Lined with trash cans and vans
Smog hiding the streets.

And then he saw it
From the corner of his eye
A flash, a glimmer, a flicker of light
And his blackened heart saw light again
He picked it up and took it
From the Four winds

And this time they let him

They gave it to him, in fact
Because he’s done his deed
His life is over
It’s time for him to sleep


The End

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