To The Fire

I scattered the ashes to the wind

The final moments of our youth

We held each other in the last embrace

Before we lost ourselves to the sands of life


We tried to take our time

And let all of our troubles pass

We could never return to how it used to be

Your heart grows colder when you kiss me


The waters run in time and we'll try but fail

All  I wanted was to try to raise the dead

Lovers' hearts wither and grow frail

And I found an empty shell of you instead


I wonder if her ghost has joined the sky

Or has she wondered in to the fires to burn

Perish in the heat, hearts scorched in anger

Someday I know, the fires will claim me in turn


I gave my heart to weakness

And now my helplessness melts to hate

Encased in bitter regret, and raging at the world

I'll scatter these ashes and cry out to the sky

Here is where youth crawls to die


Empty and souless

I'm only addicted to a sense of apathy

Illusions and poisons cease to hold paradise for me

Where to go but to the fires with her

Because the skies can only offer another way to hurt


The End

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