To the BricksMature

There's thickness in the air tonight
Of hormones, sweat, and beer
The furniture is tossed to shit
And blood is dripping from my ear
His hand was twisting on the door
And I knew that I should clean
But to hell with it
I reached and hooked my claws into his jeans

His baby blues say, "Sorry,
But there's things I've got to do.
And I know I've already wasted too much
Time right here with you."
Instead of giving answers
I threw my bra into his face
And as he raised an eyebrow
He sprung to put me in my place

He threw me to the wall
And sank his teeth into my neck
While his firm hands kept me to the bricks
My nails ran down his back
I wrapped my legs around his waist
And kicked his pants down to the floor
His forehead pressed to mine
Guess he had time for one more

With one thrust he was in me
And I very nearly screamed
My walls, they closed around him
And I almost brought him to his knews
He slammed my back against the wall
With every single blow
And in no time he was shaking while I
Felt him blow his load

He dropped me to the floor like a
Sweaty cum soaked doll
He pulled his pants out from under me
And hissed, "Will that be all?"
I didn't have to answer
He could see it in my face
We were done for now but tomorrow
He'd be back here in my place

The End

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