To Sustain A FeelingMature

Please oh please tell me why i feel so hollow. Making these words even harder to swallow. Ive fallen to my knees and i cant pick myself up. But ill still continue to drink religiously from this cup.

I cant replace the feelings running me down. I just want to wad in the water and wait to drown. No longer do i want to feel this way. Exsanguinate me before the end of the day.

Watch me shed this skin like a drunken snake. Forget all the mistakes i constantly make. I will not come with you into the dark. Now your rotting like hundred year old tree bark. I am the mino and you the shark. On a solitary journey i must embark.

Walking outside with wet hair. Tends to be a foolish idea, but i do not care. I just wonder how ill ultimately fair. When im completely alone, never to be apart of a pair.

I dont care if the call is at 2 in the morning I stay awake thinking of who you used to be, mourning. Not for your death, but for the life you continue to waste. So if these petty things keep in your mouth a good taste. There's no use for your usual haste.
The End

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