The first of many pages...

an ode to infatuation instantante...

                   miracles, pale in comparison

to the potent mirages rippling

intangibly from her lush eyelashes.


soul, shines like dazzling starfire 

inside those glistening eyes.  To stare, anticipating

just one meaningful glimpse into the

depths of those bewitching jewels,

                seems logical, natural.


praying for divine intercession

to bend the the inner light

barely contained, so that the

      flitting about as butterflies do may

                      be transmuted, just for a moment,

                                                                  into a searing alchemy of glances,


certain to induce infatuation, and then,                                                                  

hop and skip blithely, madly past,                                                   

headlong into pure, devoted                                




The End

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