A little teaser collection for my novel, this is for you

She is in love with a shadow dancing in the night

A Marquis guides her through life while the one at home ignores her

Now where is the moon to bring her back home?

She stays awake, listening to the nightmares escaping his throat

Says comforting words, though silence prevails

Her instinct is to leave but still she stays

And he still makes her breathless

The Marquis reforms every night

Adoring father, lover, brother

To whatever the girl without a name needs

He aims to please without pleasuring his desires

The shadow dancing in the night dissipates as soon as it comes

The moon shoots a curious light upon them,

He shrinks behind her as the Marquis grows fonder

The shadow runs and hides, leaving her with no choices

As the Marquis dares to create that which shall last

And break the girl free from that iconoclast

Now she leaves him

Breathless (Breathless)

Breathless (Breathless

Breathless (Breathless)

Breathless (Breathless)

Living in the land of the dead

The girl finds her path

His eyes go wide wondering: Can a beast hold itself back?

Who knows where they will go

It doesn’t matter anymore

The wounds in their veins are the scars from which the new age grows.

They’re left

Breathless (Breathless)

Breathless (Breathless

Breathless (Breathless)

Breathless (Breathless)

“I love you,” said the Marquis to the girl with the rose pinned to her breast

Love was a silly word, but he meant nothing less

“In a million ways, Miss I adore

The potent spirit of your grace

I Love Thee

I shall never leave nor disgrace the poetry you create

A master of art, and countless symphonies, I am indeed

But miss, you, you mastered me

And left me breathless."

The End

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