To show you my love

My boyfriend never really understood what he meant to me til I wrote this for him.

I'll hug you when i see you,
Never expect gifts off you,
Never make fun of you,
Show you its ok to kiss me,
To show you my love.

I'll make something for you,
I'll kiss you on the cheek,
I'll impress your mum,
I would pay for you,
To show you my love.

I will act strong when I'm weak,
I will listen to your music,
I'll support you always,
We'll be together just us,
To show you my love.

I'll walk with you slowly,
I'll win I love you more,
I'll buy you a just because gift,
And text you everyday,
To show you my love.

I'll listen to our song,
I'll snuggle close with you,
I'm always yours,
I'll love you forever,
To show ou my love.

I wrote this for you,
To help you understand,
You're my one and only,
Believe me it's true,
To show you my love.

The End

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