To see YouMature

Just what I feel kinda me kinda someone else we are both the you

I see you

Just a glimsp of you

Sometimes as I pass the mirror

When I feel completely down

I feel it inside me

I want you to see every scar

If you could feel every tear I cried

Would anyone truly understand

I want to bleed just to feel alive again

I have been cold for so long

Yet when I see you I come alive

You dig a fire deep inside me

I would do anything for you to carve it into my body

You have scarred me

Deep craters and gashes maur me

Maybe they are not yet scars

Wounds could be the fatal pain to me

Not to my body but to my very soul

I have been slashed to no return

Turned inside out

Burned alive

I have been forsaken by the lonely

Not even the pained and estranged protect me

I see you

I wish you could cauterize this blood because I no longer feel alive

I feel drained and alone

Wounded and pained

I love to see you

Even now when it bleeds me dry

Let me see you, the true you again.

The End

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