To Say Good Bye

Who hasn't been in love?
It's easy to get lost once you experience love, the constant thought of that special some one, the feel of them in your arms, and then their gone. How do you move on?

To Say Good Bye

Its been a great deal
To understand and
Come to terms with
What grew with in

To perceive and understand,
Became two different battles
At first I was reluctant
And dearly thought it unwise
To see things develop so fast
And found myself in an unknown path

Perceiving what lingered in me
But afraid to grasp
And follow threw to what I desired
From my heart

Once I knew what I wanted
What I longed for, what I never had
And dearly wanted to try
It all came to a stop
A distance unperceived
A painful reality
It ended with out a start

I grew distant and lost
Sore to the thought of you
Missing and waiting
Hating the constant thought of you

From time to time you surfaced
But I grew cold torts you
My promise of then I kept
Make time to talk
And I'll make time too

No longer waiting on nothing
The hate calmed to a truce
Can't reproach you
Because I did not lost
What never was?
And only in my heart grew

You said you wanted me,
That you longed for me,
And I was in your thoughts too
I wish I could believe it
But being the third time now
I only felt sorry for you

Now you are a memory
Can't say a bad one too
I dreamed at those moments
And my heart was lively
And became a lesson learned

We met in darkness,
And in hiding made time to kiss
Never bringing to light any feeling
Just conceited thoughts and pain

Can't miss what wasn't had
Can't miss who wasn't there
Can't say Good bye
With out hello
Couldn't forget you
Until this bright shinning angle

Thinking back from the start
I wasn't really sure
In love with an idea
Trying to fit it with you

I'll always remember
And think back to you
It should have been a friendship
Now I want nothing
Not even to see you

Lets let this fade
And erase what never was
I'll forgive and forget
And pray for your happiness and life
I don't want a friendship
Only you gone from my mind

So then with this
Weight off my shoulders
. . . Good Bye my first true love

The End

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