To Save A Life

Somewhere back in life, I became crushed

You were so easily breakable

Your rage and tears ripped my heart on sight

I didn’t know how to help, if you didn’t talk to anyone

I didn’t know I was the only one

Never wanted you to do anything to yourself

Putting yourself down

Forcing your lungs to suffer in the sea of imperfection

“I’m perfectly imperfect”

One thing you agreed to

But further down that road

In the long bitterness end

Breaking everything and losing grip on anything

We couldn’t help each other since it wasn’t the same situation

But the habit got old; you had to try new things

It progressed more and more in the months and years

I knew you would do one of two things

I proposed a choice for you:

Break all of your doubts, or keep telling yourself you’ll stop

That’s where I went wrong

I lost you

A piece of my heart was ripped from me

I lost something that's irreplaceable

I miss your stare and voice

If I could do one thing

I would’ve saved a life

Life after you was torture, but I learned from it

I now help those who tell me everything like you

If I knew how to save a life back with you

I would have been thankful

I am glad I met you in my life

I hate myself for not knowing where I had went terribly wrong

I regret not knowing how to save a life

Now my mission I dedicate in your honor is:

To save a life

The End

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