To Ruin Me (You Took All The Steps)Mature

I cant feel my fucking feet anymore. Im collapsing along with the floor. I know i shouldnt drink anymore. But memories of you make me drink even more. When my body washes up on shore. Will you feel anything? Even a little at your core? I no longer feel so sore. My wrists are dry, My eyes are wet and Im finally not a bore.

Why cant i gain my heart back? You ruined me and its a fact. Ill move forward but never on! You were it for me, I was useful only till dawn. My love was never returned and as far as your concerned. The feelings you had were but a clever facade you can no longer retain. The lies you told were vulgar and you just couldnt refrain.

I hope you finally feel the way you wanted. Leaving me broken, bloody and haunted. I put my one time bet on the wrong girl. Put all my chips in hoping my luck would unfurl. But to no avail, i lost it all on you. And now i dont know what the fuck to do.

The steps you took to rid me from your life. Were heinous and callous, now i only feel strife. I sit and daydream about needles, ink and a sharpened knife. Everything youve done and said. Were all to get me to put my life to and end.
The End

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