to reach a land of gold that's haunted by rust

All my life, safety
has been expected to mean
the feeling you feel
when with your family
or someone you trust,
or perhaps a place
where you know nothing can hurt you.

but now, for me, 
safety has another meaning.
now it has come to suit
the feeling i get when i know
that i am surrounded by other
authors and writers and poets
and creators,
that i am safe here
because they know what it feels like,
no matter their gender or sexuality
or their age or everything else we
judge someone by in this society.

and i have the knowledge,
now, that i am safe
simply because
these people are writers too.
and they understand.

my family cannot
understand this.
and neither can a physical,
made-of-matter place.
and someone i trust can
always betray me.

so i say thanks
to everyone
who has redefined my
idea of safety,
so that i
can feel safe
among people who
i do not really know,
but who i understand
through the words that 
they share with the world.

The End

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