To Raters Who Hate

To raters who hate,

I'll take the bait,

And retaliate, why do you hate good writing?

Are you jealous? Is the green-eyed monster biting?

'Cause I'm sick of this rubbish, every time I login,

Hate-rating, list it as a deadly sin,

If you don't have anything constructive,

Stop being so goddamn destructive,

And go play for attention on some other site,

Keep rating me badly and fierce I shall fight,

There's a comment box, use it, for god's sake,

How much effort does that take?

Let me know how my work sucks so bad,

That you give me the lowest rating I've ever had,

Hate-rating's for cowards, please stop today!

You can redeem yourselves, I'm sure you're all really okay,

Maybe you've let personal beliefs cloud your creative mind,

But what solace do you strive to find?

Writers shoudn't hate on each other,

After all, we're all in this together! :) :)

The End

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