To PithofPassion & JessPotato

I just-

I kind of want to say thank you

*hides because I'm embarrassed*

If I had a thousand words and an extra heart,
I would send them to you on a paper plane
(Not sure how it would reach Australia, but still)

I would bottle up my screams and find a way to dissipate them,
To turn them into birdsong, because that's prettier
And more like what you deserve

I would find enough Skittles to fill a crater
On the moon, so that it would shine like a rainbow
- Or a world without pollution.

Even though all of this is tiny
Compared to what you two have done for me. 
You've closed abysses, and strung rope bridges
Between the signs defining "lost" and "alive"

I cannot give you back what you gave me
Because I'm selfish. I'm covetous of the advice and 
The references and the things that make me laugh
And the things that make me cry.

Nevertheless, I would like to say THANK YOU
Although I know that it is inadequate 
In the face of what you have saved me from.

I've never met you in person.
But you've done so much for me and I just-
This is all I can do for you.
Weave words in a spider's web that catches only the spider. 

And I want you to know
That your words are more effective
Than a sky full of stars when I'm thinking about
Courting death as though it is a lover,
With subtle brushes and a little blood

I don't know how to express it, but let me try.
1. I appreciate every reassurance you've ever given me.
2. I admire how you continue to support me.
3. I want you to know that you are invaluable. 

So, for JessPotato and PithofPassion,
Here's a poem.
It's my present to you.
So that I can give something 
(No matter how minuscule)
Back to the two who 
Pulled me from the edge. 

The End

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