To My Universe

a story of love

To my universe,

To my moon, to my stars

To the healer of the scars

On the wrist that my knife

Lay upon last week.


To the savior of the slave

Of the bold and of the brave

Redeemer of the strong and

Of the meek.


Oh, to she who makes me tremble

Like the swelling of a cymbal

Oh, to she who tends to cause my

Knees to shake.


Oh, to you who makes me fall

You, my sky, me sun, my all

To she who tends to tell my

Heart to break.


There is love and there is pity

O, from you love would be plenty

Alas, pity seems to be all that

I get.





Lo, the past we cannot change

But the future we’ll arrange

We’ll forsaken all the pain

And the regret.


Words cannot describe my feelings

Pounding heart, my body’s squealing

Words cannot describe, but I’m sure

They’ll try.


Like the feeling on a full moon

Like the wonder of a monsoon

All I know is that these feelings

Are for you, my moon, my stars

My sun, my all, my universe

My sky

The End

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