To My MotherMature

A poem about my life.

Mother, Dear, I love you so!

Why did you always let me go?

Go to him at Christmas time,

I must have thought that you were blind.

For at the time you could not see

the damage that was done to me.

Now I say it's time to talk

and all you do is scream and balk.

Talk to you of how I feel,

for that's the only way to heal.

Heal from life of broken trust,

all he showed me was his lust.

Lust for my body, not my love

Into my mouth his penis was shoved.

Silenced for so many years,

now I hold back all my fears.

Fears from oh, so long ago,

fears I thought I'd never show

I broke my promise, for my sake

for healthiness I cannot fake.

The End

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