To My Love

It's just something I wrote for my boyfriend.

I love you. 
That explains why I hug you so much. 
That explains why I get so hurt when I see you with other girls. 
You mean the world to me.
You best believe you're the best boyfriend.
You're not only my boyfriend, but my best friend as well.
When I'm sad, you always do that magic spell that makes me happy again. 
When are you going to realize everything you do is the best?
You're different than the rest. 
The rest can kiss this butt. 
You don't lust over girls.
You're always super sweet.
You know how to make me feel happy.
You're a goofy, cute, geeky dude.
You know exactly what to do to make my world it's brightest it will ever be.
You see most of the things I see.
You breathe the same air as me.
Though I have a different mentality, you still understand me. 
You've met the real me.
You know most of my hopes and dreams. 
You're the sunlight in my sun and the leaves in my trees. 
You're the love of my life and you're the water in my seas. 
You make me so happy. 
I'm glad to be you're girlfriend. 
I love all of those kisses and those awkward hugs where you have to lean down for me.
Last but not least,
I just love you for who are. 
Don't change for anyone.
Including me.

The End

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