To My First Child

From the Book:
"From the Heart, and Through the Pain: A Collection of Songs & Poems"
by Nick Robinson

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To My First Child

 ©1993 Nick Robinson (FTH Ch 1, pg 10)


To my first child

Son, or daughter, to be

Here are a few words

To you, from me


As I wait for the day

That you’ll enter my life

I’m constantly wondering

What your life will be like


I know it’s too early

To think so far ahead

I should be thinking of feedings

And dirty diapers instead


But I guess I’m picturing

The kind of person you’ll be

‘Cause I’m trying to find out

What kind of parent is in me


I just hope you’ll always feel

The love I have for you

And know I’ll be behind you

In all good things you do


And know that I am here for you

To clap and cheer you on

And I’m also here to listen

If something should go wrong


I’ll always want what’s best for you

And try to guide you in the right way

To give you every opportunity

To be someone someday


So I hope these few words

Will help you see

The kind of Dad

I want to be


Love Dad

The End

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