To my best friend

You are the force that holds me together

when I'm crying

When I feel like I'm dying

 And when I'm lying in my bed all I want

is your arms wrapped around me

Holding me so that I can finally get some sleep

Knowing that you're there to scare off all the monsters under my bed 

And in my head

Protecting me from myself

And I know that what I see

It isn't really you in front of me

Its a picture of you

On my computer screen

The computer says we've been skyping for four hours

And neither of us want to hang up

We both want to give up

But I can't make my best friend drive to Alabama

 Just to see me in a casket

Because before I go I'll kiss you goodbye

And pray that I'm the first to die

So I don't have to feel the pain

of losing the love of my life

 The love of my life is Oh so funny

With that huge grin and bright eyes 

And I never want to see those bright eyes lose the way they look at The world

Seeing all that beauty and never saying a word

I never want to see that giant grin get any smaller

I never want to see you stop blushing when someone compliments you

Because you don't believe a word they say

 but I do

When they call you sweet or cute

I hope that you know that is true

But your outside looks have little to do

with why I love  you

I love you

because I can talk to you about anything,

you encourage me,

you make me laugh,

and you never make me face the world alone.

And I hope you know that as long as I live,

You'll never have to face the world alone either.

The End

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