To Mom and Dad

For my son -

My Dear Mom and Dad
My sincere thanks for everything you do
I know you are much invested in us children
but here is my humble point of view

Each morning for you it's a struggle
you must rouse us beasts from sleep
Could you blame us children for not waking
given the hours we're required to keep

You are constantly bemoaning your masters
But We kids have many deliverables too!
There is constant work assigned by several teachers
Additionally we must also answer each day to you!

And if that wasn't really quite enough
We're also expected to make friends
We know you want us to be very popular
But that on my busy schedule depends!

You tell us for play there's a lifetime
But I see that you almost have none
You are constantly slaving away at work
No time for family, kids - or simple fun!

As you can see this presents a dilemma
There are times I'm unable to decide
I know you want me to grow up faster, but
For a little longer, could I remain a child?

The End

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