To Love Someone With Depression

To love someone with depression is

Late night texts,

3 hour long phone calls,

Naming everything you like about them,

Just so they won't go next.

Holding them while they bawl,

It's really hard to watch them fall,

Down deeper and deeper,

Until they aren't themselves anymore.

Because they are the hem,

of your favorite shirt.

They are the little black thread,

That holds your life together,

and so much more.

They are the bolts that hold the car together.

They are the way the wind sings in the fall.

They understand the saying,

"the calm before the storm",

Because every morning,

Right before they remember anything,

The moment in between opening their eyes and realizing who they are,

That is the calm before their storm.

Everyone has ups and downs,

But to love someone with depression,

Is to know the downs seem more down, 

Than the ups seem up.

But that's okay.

To love someone with depression,

Is to listen to their favorite song, 

Over and Over and Over,

Because anything that will make them feel,

even a little better is sooo worth it.

To love someone with depression,

Is to stay with them as much as possible,

so that when they feel they might drown in life, 

you may at least try to keep them from drowning in their own blood.

It is hoping that,

If they do start to feel as if they are drowning,

They will reach out to you,

So that you may pull them onto shore.

It is reassuring them after every fight,

That you still love them,

And you aren't going anywhere.

It is checking their wrists,

When you notice the long sleeves and bracelets,

But also knowing you have to trust them.

To love someone with depression,

Is knowing the triggers,

It is having an emergency inhaler with you,

Just in case,

Knowing their parents' numbers by heart, 

But hoping you never have to use them.

It is knowing that nights aren't always the worst times.

To love someone with depression,

Is to know that you aren't the cure to their disease,

But you will forever try to heal them anyways.



The End

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