To Love, Or not To Love

My own verison of Hamlet's To Be or Not To be Speech
Originally written for a 12th grade English college prep class.
A Lot of emotion placed into this

To Love or Not to Love- that is the question:

Whether 'tis easier to forget the memories of you

and face each new day with a smile

or to love from afar

and wish every waking moment to be with only you

To love, To hate --

No more

and by hate i say we end with no connection

and a million wishes for you to be hurt like you hurt me

To love, To hate --

To love-- perchance to start over

ay, there's the problem

For in that love of hate

comes a much powerful meaning

When we realize our true feelings

Must make us stop and think

That's the idea

That makes disaster of falling

For who would bear the heartaches and pain of young love

Th' stings of missing you

the tricks played on love's victim, cupid's arrows,

The thoughts of the mind and the mixed emotions

the heart screams with remorse and sorrow.

And the constant battle to live everyday without you.

when, i know, staring into your green eyes you miss me too.

To watch with awe and grin at the idea of being in love

But that the dread of reminiscing the time where you broke me into

a thousand and one pieces.

No soul has mended from.

it puzzles anyone who doesn't understand.

So why bother creating bearers

when we trust the wrong person

to knock it down, over and over

Thus makes us to trust less

and thus wants to love more.

Cant we just make amends

and become strangers?

with this we'd be better off this way

and forget a bond we once shared.

The End

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